Our assignments are varied, and we must often solve problems by creating customized tools to get the job done efficiently. The photo shows a tool specifically designed for cleaning high-voltage cables. This was developed for a single job, tested and used without any problems.

In our workshop, we have engineers and technicians with expertise in subsea tools. They have extensive experience within both commercial diving and ROV operations, and always try to find the least complicated solution that works well on any challenge.

Our workshop is well equipped in both mechanic, hydraulics and electronics. Our location, next to the sea, makes it easy to test new tools before they are put to use. This along with great expertise in underwater work enables us to develop efficient and robust subsea tools.

We have experience with maintenance and testing of various subsea tools, ranging from stabs, chemical injection kits and larger tools for operations on subsea wellheads.


Abyss Subsea AS have entered into a collaboration agreement with Envirex Group related to subsea tooling.

Abyss Subsea AS offers the whole portfolio managed by Envirex (envirex.no/products/rov-tooling-system). Together with Envirex, we offer a wide range of subsea tooling designed and produced to meet customers’ needs and requirements.