Abyss Subsea operates a wide range of WORKROV and OBSROV (observation/inspection ROV) systems.

Our systems are container based to ensure quick mobilization and high flexibility. The systems have capacity to handle a broad range of tools and through our partners, we can supply any tooling needed for our customers operations.

Our highly qualified ROV personnel ensure safe and cost effective operations for our customers. 


ROV resources:

- Triton XLR WORKROV system, LARS/TMS 

- Sub-AtlanticMohican OBSROV / inspection class system, LARS/TMS

- Subfighter 7500 Offshore OBSROV / light WROV system, LARS/TMS

- Subfighter 7500 Offshore OBSROV / light WROV system, free flyer

- Subfighter 7500 OBSROV system, free flyer

- Saab Seaeye Falcon, OBSROV system, free flyer

- Ocean Robotics OBSROV system, free flyer

- Videoray OBSROV system, free flyer


ROV Tooling:

- Hydraulic manipulators

- Underwater positioning system (Scout / HPR 400)

- Oil-recovery tooling

- Seabat 7125 bathymetric mapping system for 3D recording of the seabed and subsea search.

- Sonars, probes, miscellaneous equipment

- Probe for measuring hull thickness

- Brushing, high pressure washing/cleaning equipment, chipping, cutting, etc


We supply these ROV services:

- Inspection of mooring systems

- Inspection of submarine wires, submarine cables, etc

- Inspection of offshore installations

- Oil recovery

- Mapping of the seabed, with a Seabat 7125 system.

- Positioning of objects on the seabed

- Search and rescue

- Measurement of the hull thickness (under water)

- Other ROV support of underwater operations.


Please contact us for more information about our solutions.


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