Abyss Subsea AS holds the latest technology within Oil Recovery Tool (ORT). Our tool are developed throughout years with experience in the Oil Recovery segment. The tool are further developed from a diver based tool that has successfully been used throughout years with a high grade of success.

As several wrecks are situated deeper then diving depth, there was a need for a simple, but reliable tool, that could be operated by both ROV and Divers. Throughout years with oil recovery with divers a small team of engineers, divers and ROV personnel formed a work group and developed the perfect tool for this type of operations.

The tool can be used with any type of WROV down to any water depth or with divers for shallow depth work. Our ORT are easy to mobilize and are small enough to be transported by any passenger plane, this alone makes the tool available around the world on a short notice.

Prior to any Oil Recovery operation starts a team of engineers will go through drawings, if available, and evaluate the wreck to identify all tanks and calculate the level of oil in the wreck. After the calculation a procedure will be made for the specific wreck and before the recovery starts an inspection of the wreck and all tanks starts. The ORT consists also of a special designed inspection tool that identifies the level of oil inside any tank. This makes it possible to calculate the remaining oil in the wreck and all recovered oil will be measured and calculated against the result of the inspection.