Our SeaBat 7125 is a High-Resolution Multibeam Sonar System operating at either 200 or 400 kHz, which measures relative water depths over a wide swath perpendicular to the vessel's track. The SeaBat 7125 produces bathymetry data suitable for the generation of high-resolution hydrographic charts that exceed  international standards.
The SeaBat 7125 may be mounted on a surface vessel, ROV or towed body and is available in depth ratings up to 6000 meters.


System description:

A single transmission from the Projector Unit illuminates a 128° swath on the sea floor. The seabed return signal is received by the Receiver Unit, digitized, and transmitted via the Link Control Unit to the Sonar Processor, where it is formatted for display and data output. Bathymetry, Side-scan, and Snippets data are all displayed locally or exported via Ethernet to an external data collection system. 

A Windows®-based user interface controls the system, allowing the operator to select system configuration, data output, and storage options.

A typical standard SeaBat 7125 system consists of the following components:
• EM 7200 Receiver Unit (1)
• TC 2160 400 kHz Projector Unit & TC2163 200kHz projector (dual frequency)
• 7-L Link Control Unit (1)
• 7-P Sonar Processor Unit (SPU) with Display, Keyboard, and Pointer Device
• Cable Set (1)

The Seabat delivers high resolution 3d-referenced data points to be used for seabed mapping or high resolutions images.


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